Who We Are

We should all have goals. Ours are in seeing your child achieve theirs.REED Institute Child Photo 

Ali Khakpoor, MSc (Licensed Clinical Psychologist) Ali Khakpoor has worked as a child psychologist for over 15 years in both Sweden and Thailand. He conducts a wide range of assessments and provides psychological treatment. As a trained and experience Applied Behavior Analyst he assists families of children with behavioral, emotional, and self-esteem challenges. Mr. Khakpoor also helps children develop age-appropriate social skills and effective communication strategies through intensive programs. Mr. Khakpoor helped establish a multi-disciplinary treatment center in Uppsala, Sweden, which is still recognized as an exemplary facility.

Sherry Payne, MSE (Educational Diagnostics) Sherry Payne has worked in special education in both the US and Thailand. Over the last 35 years, her various roles have included teacher of early childhood through transition to employment, psycho-educational diagnostics, program development and supervision in public schools, private providers, and the University of Wisconsin-Diagnostic Center.

In Bangkok, Ms. Payne co-founded The Village Education Centre. Sherry is dedicated to discovering each child’s special pattern of strengths and weaknesses to develop the total child. She works with families and schools to match each child with an appropriate educational environment which includes academic and applied skills.

Sushilla Kogar, PGDE (Elementary Education) Sushilla Kogar gained her BA from the Richmond University in the UK. She was later awarded a post graduate degree in Education from the university of Western Sydney. She joined Reed Institute in 2010 after years of experience teaching in renowned international schools in Bangkok. Sushilla’s expertise in early childhood education and her devotion to solid student assessments has benefited numerous students at Reed. As a managing partner at the Reed Institute, she helps with the business development in general and PR and corporate communications in particular.

Finding a Star in Every Child