Reed Institute offers a wide range of intervention programs for children and adolescents.

REED Institute Learning PhotoThese programs will be individualized to each student’s unique needs. The format of delivery is often 1 on 1 or in small groups.

Learning Intervention Programs

At the center of our learning programs are the Learning Labs. There are
currently four Learning Lab programs:

  • Reading Lab
  • Writing Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Language Lab


The Lab series of programs are comprised of the most effective, evidence-based practices within instructional methodology. The programs are especially crafted to meet the needs of “at risk” students or students with learning disabilities. The program design and delivery allows for recovery and learning in a relatively short period of time, therefore, assuring that the academic gaps will be closed in due time.

The Lab series have been the focus of several major research projects and numerous independent studies all printed in peer-reviewed publications.

Learning Lab Series

Behavioral Intervention Programs

Social Skills Training (Saturday Jam)

Since 2003 Reed Institute has been conducting a social skills training course every Saturday. This is a group-based program where students of different ages will come together to get assistance in learning appropriate social skills learning. Sessions consist of hands-on learning opportunities through a variety of proven teaching procedures. Students will exhibit accrued skills in other situations ensuring the
generalization of the acquired skills to everyday life situations.

Early Start Denver Model ESDM

ESDM is a program designed for young infants and toddlers. Children are taught social skills, language skills, motor skills and cognitive skills based on a wide range of research based teaching procedures. ESDM program components are derived from current research about infants learning, toddler’s development and neuroscience.

ESDM Flyer

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Reed Institute offers an unprecedented GATE program.
Based on the best practices in teaching gifted youth, the program seeks to
tap into each child’s potential through an innovative approach.
The most common characteristics of our GATE program is an extremely
solid STEM, Language arts, and a top quality Arts component.


Finding a Star in Every Child