Mission Statement

Many people still equate learning disabilities with lack of intelligence.

Thankfully, our parents at REED know better than that.

REED Institute Children PhotoREED Institute was established by Ali Khakpoor; a clinical psychologist, and Sherry Payne; a Developmental Diagnostician and Special Education Specialist. Together the two have over 40 years of combined experience in child development, special education and learning difficulties.

Ali and Sherry developed REED Institute due to a need that they saw existed in the community. Prior to REED’s inception, parent’s had two options within Bangkok: Traditional schools or institutions for children with severe learning disabilities and handicaps. REED was created for children who didn’t fit into either system. The majority of REED’s pupils have:

  • Average to above-average intelligence
  • Maintain full-time status at their home school
  • Have specific learning disabilities
  • Attend REED on a part-time/or after school basis
  • Receive counseling to address specific issues
  • Attend the day program (ESDM) for Autism and neurodevelopmental problems.

Finding a Star in Every Child