How We Help

44% of parents who noticed their child exhibiting signs of difficulty with learning waited a year or more before acknowledging their child might have a serious problem.* 

REED Institute Teacher and Child PhotoIf your child is struggling with emotional or learning difficulties, we strongly encourage you to take action. Early identification and prevention is highly recommended.

For the majority* of incoming cases, REED operates on a standard three-tier process: Intake. Assessment. Intervention.

Intake In order to best serve its pupils, REED Institute works most efficiently when it’s part of a team with parents and the child’s home school. Depending on the presenting problem, school counselors or learning support teachers may initiate a referral. A larger number of REED clients also come from parents who have sought out services on their own.

Assessment REED has trained and licensed professionals who conduct a wide range of assessments. To obtain a comprehensive and correct picture of the whole child a developmental approach is adopted. Typically the following aspects will be assessed:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Achievement Skills
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Social and Emotional Status
  • Language Skills



All Intervention programs delivered at Reed or recommended by our specialist staff are evidence-based. This means that the effectiveness of these programs has been independently researched and documented. Recommended programs are recognized by respected learning facilities worldwide, and are peer-reviewed by researchers in their corresponding disciplines.

For more in-depth information on assessments please read: Evaluation Process at REED

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